What we're about

When it comes to competing and performing at an international level South African Dancers and Rhythmic Gymnasts are generally unable to deliver competitively at the standard the rest of the world expects and requires.

An opportunity was identified, using a training program tested since the year 2000, combining selected sports and dance training as this did not exist in South Africa. The chosen disciplines complimented each other developing stronger and more marketable Dancers and Rhythmic Gymnasts.

Sport disciplines such as Swimming and Rhythmic Gymnastics are incorporated to develop co-ordination, flexibility, balance and stamina, while dance genres such as Ballet, Contemporary, and African were identified to improve elevation, core strength, versatility, musicality and partnering expertise.

Through the involvement of coaches from different genres working together the focus is on producing internationally competitive and recognized Dancers. To this end the High Performance Vocational Students receive individualized attention and advanced training supported by Physiotherapists.

Students’ academic requirements are provided by tutors from the British International College using the Cambridge System preparing the students for possible academic transfers to international schools should they either be invited to do so or wish to apply to further their dance training abroad.

Art of Motion operates as a non-profit company offering training to a maximum of 16 students selected as a result of their advanced physical abilities and mental attitudes towards sports and the arts. Applicants are required to be below 12 years of age.

Junior vocational students below 12 years of age train 18-30 hours per week, 46 weeks of the year. The Senior Vocational students train 30-42 hours per week, 48 weeks of the year. Our development of young coaches by both local and international mentors is also of vital importance to the program, it’s current as well as future success.

International participation is just reward for excellent students, introducing them to possible opportunities abroad. The ideal is having students and coaches return to South Africa from abroad with added skills and experience to share with future generations.